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pochette album Million Dollar Baby (Original Motion Picture...
  1. Blue Morgan (End Credits)
  2. Pick Up Money
  3. Blue Morgan (Opening Title)
  4. Boxing Montage
  5. Deep In Thought
pochette album Hereafter (Original Motion Picture Score)
  1. End Credits
  2. Beginning Credits
  3. Marie and George
  4. Jason's Ashes
  5. Mom Leaves
pochette album Changeling (Original Motion Picture...
  1. Changeling - End Title
  2. Changeling - Main Title
  3. Ride to School
  4. Mom's On Call / Late to Trolley
  5. What Is Happening / Trial Montage
pochette album Mémoires de Nos Pères
  1. End Titles Guitar
  2. End Titles
  3. The Medals
  4. Goodbye Ira
  5. Platoon Swims
pochette album Grace Is Gone (Music from the Motion Picture)
  1. Grace Is Gone
  2. Enchanted Gardens
  3. Drive to Grandma's
  4. Heidi's Eulogy
  5. Stanley Tells the Girls
pochette album Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites
  1. Don't Fence Me In
  2. Mexicali Rose
  3. Searching for Somewhere
  4. Are You Satisfied
  5. The Last Round Up
pochette album Cowboy Classics
  1. Red Hot River Valley
  2. Life in a Northern Town
  3. Clementine
  4. My Name Is No One (Main Theme from the Movie "My Name Is Nobody")
  5. Dueling Banjos (From the Movie "Delivrance")