pochette album Other Side of the Rainbow
  1. Love's Comin' At Ya
  2. Mind Up Tonight
  3. How's Love Been Treatin' You
  4. Underlove
  5. Knack for Me
pochette album A Little Bit Moore: The Magic Of
  1. Mind Up Tonight
  2. Love's Comin' at Ya
  3. A Little Bit More
  4. How's Love Been Treatin' You
  5. Livin' for Your Love
pochette album Melba
  1. You Stepped Into My Life
  2. Pick Me Up, I'll Dance (12" Mix)
  3. There's No Other Like You
  4. Together Forever
  5. Happy
pochette album A Portrait of Melba (Bonus Track Version)
  1. Standing Right Here
  2. Promised Land
  3. Standing Right Here
  4. Just Another Link
  5. I Don't Know No One Else to Turn To
pochette album Closer (Bonus Track Version)
  1. We Live for the Music
  2. Closer to the Sun
  3. You'll Never Know
  4. Let Me Sip My Drink
  5. Rock the Disco
pochette album This Is It
  1. O'Zanana ( This Is It )
  2. Zouke
  3. They Don't Care About Us
  4. Billie Jean (Single Version)
  5. Smooth Criminal (Radio Edit)
pochette album Live In NYC
  1. Lazy Lover
  2. Pussy
  3. I'd Rather Go Blind
  4. Strung Out
  5. Don't Stop
pochette album Dancin' With Melba (Bonus Track Version)
  1. Make Me Believe in You
  2. Standing Right Here
  3. Promised Land
  4. Play Boy Scout
  5. Free
pochette album My Heart Belongs to You
  1. My Heart Belongs to You (Ron Carroll's BMC Vocal Classic)
  2. My Heart Belongs to You (Distant Music Mix)
  3. My Heart Belongs to You (DJ Prom Mix)
  4. My Heart Belongs to You (WAWA Dub Mix)
  5. Right Here Right Now (My Heart Belongs to You)
pochette album Peach Melba
  1. Sunshine Superman
  2. If You Can Believe
  3. I Am His Lady
  4. I've Been Around
  5. Natural Part of Everything