Paroles Confessin' The Blues

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Yeah, here I stand before you
With my heart in my hand
I want you to greet it baby
Hopin' that you'll understand

I said baby
Honey please don't dog me around
Because I'd rather love you woman
Honey than anyone else I know in town

Because you're so nice and lovely
And you have such pleasant ways
If you take me to your heart
I'll be there the rest of my days

I said baby, that's the truth
Honey I declare I wouldn't lie
Because I'd rather love you baby
If I don't, I swear I hope I die

I said baby
Don't you want a man like me
Can you hear me woman
Don't you want a man like me

You just think
You just think about our future baby
And you forget about your used to be
Hey now, yeah, alright baby

When my days are long and dreary
And the sun refuse to shine
I would never be blue and lonely
Woman if I knew that you were mine

That's the truth baby
You can make everything alright
Can I see you today baby
Or will it have to be tomorrow night

Yes, this is my confession baby
And I'm thrilled by all your charms
It seems like I'm in heaven
When I hold you in my arms, baby

Woman, you can have me for yourself
You know I was meant for you baby
And I don't want nobody else
No I don't

Hey, you told me that you love me
Woman, you meant it from the start
You said that we would be together
Until death do us part

But you lied to me baby
Yes and you called it on the phone
Now how can I be happy woman
With all the wrong you've done

Now, must I keep confessin' baby
When you know just where I stand
I don't wanna lose you woman
Wanna keep you if I can

But baby, baby you know I've never had a friend
You're my one and only woman
You're all I have that stays
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