Paroles Tonight I'm Gonna Make You A Star

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Tonight, I'm gonna make you a star
I'm gonna play you like my new guitar
I'll put some polish on your strings
I'll make you sing like an angel sings
Lay back and love it, baby, stand up and shout
'Cause tonight, you'll see what bein' a star's all about

One touch, you tremble; one more, you'll moan
I'll show you something you've never learned at home
You'll see how good, baby, it all can be
I'll show you everything you need to see
I've got a feeling, baby, you'll go far
'Cause tonight, you'll see what bein' a star's all about

I'm gonna rock you a little while
And then we'll roll in a down-home style
If it gets funky, we won't mind
We're gonna reach for whatever we can find
You're gonna play all my favorite songs
I'll show you right now where the beat belongs

Come, step aboard my midnight flight
We're gonna ride, babe, till the mornin' light
And when the tour is at the end
We'll go back over everywhere we've been
You got the message, baby, now answer the call
Step into the spotlight and give it your all

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