Paroles What You Gonna Do

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Love's calling, I can see your face
Warm expression fills up all this space
True reflections of your world in me
Deep inside I know I found your key

Lay down next to me
Show me you care
Slowly, I'm lost inside
It's all there in your eyes

What you gonna do with the good times
What you gonna do with this game
What you gonna do there's no holding back
'Cause love won't wait
When you want to love just call me
It is always the same
What you gonna do when the love runs out
Who's to blame

So if we're falling can I turn your key
Pure emotion wells up inside of me
Lost forever, in a world of dreams
There are things in us we must keep

Will you confess to me
Will you reveal
We are lost in each others eyes
'Cause the love never dies

[Chorus: x2]

Love won't wait
Lay down next to me
Your face
Lay down
Your face


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