Paroles Slept Through the End of the World

Le - Par .

I see a ceiling
Four walls, guess you all went away
An hour ago we were laughing
Lovers and friends
Maybe that was yesterday

So what's the deal?
Did I miss something real?
When I slept through the end of the world

Nobody answers at all
I call and there's nobody there
How long since I've lifted my head now
Crawled out of bed
How long since anyone cared?

So now I lose?
Lie alone in the blues?
'Cause I slept through the end of the world

Losing is a story I remember
Alone is a feeling that I know, I know
It's been awhile since losing
Shook me, took me down so low
Hmm, yes it has

Oh, how could this ride be all over?
Four walls were all I see
I'm tellin' the shadows and echoes
Shoulda told you
But I was wrapped up in me

So here I wait (wait)
Getting' used to, too late
'Cause I slept through the end of the world

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

Enoch Anderson, Barry Manilow