Paroles Hard To Believe That I Found You

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Ain't it a groove?
It really is, isn't it? It really is

Baby, you know what just sitting here thinking
How happy we are right now
And the way we are with each other
The way we've been with each other
You know every now and then two people get to share to know
Love as we know it and as we share it
And I really wish
It probably doesn't mean nothing to no one else
But, I really, really wish
That all women all over the world
Could be loved as much as I love you
That could be needed and wanted
As much as you are
You see baby, to me it's
It's like sometimes I think to myself and I say, humph!
Brother, you're really lucky
You've got a woman that loves you
That needs you
That pleases you
A woman that does everything on earth that a man could dream of
You got a woman that makes you feel real
A woman that keeps you strong, right on!
A woman that means so many things in so many ways
You've got it all, humph!
So, you see baby, I really can't
I really can't help myself when I
When I tell you that
That I love you, baby
And I thank God for you
And I want you to know that I do
And you know sometimes I get so
So emotional over you, I
I just wanna run out in the street and scream and shout and
And just tell the world
I'm in love oh, I found that one, I found that someone

I just believe that I found you
Never knew love could be so true and ooh
What did I ever say, I'd do, yeah
Whatever made you love me too, yeah!

You know I could go on forever and ever and ever and ever
You know that, don't you baby?
But, I want to sit here
You and me close together
Next to each other
And dig this album 'cause this album is
Just for you
And I want you to dig it 'cause it's ought site, I really dig it
Huh, you like to the way it makes you feel?
Huh, well right on then, huh, right on
I love you baby
Ooh, I love you

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