Paroles Stick Up

Le - modifié le - Par .

(Freddrick and Ness Talking)
Pull up right here, cut the car off, see I'm finer go in there
Everything already laid I'm just finer run in there and handle this
I just need you to watch the do'
Man I got you I'ma hold you the fuck down
First take all your jewelry off, sit it in the car
Trust me nigga
Take the keys to the car, sit em in the seat, when we
Go in there just watch the do'
I'll handle everything
You ready?
Mothafuckin' ready
Aight fool, you got me, real niggaz do what they got to do

Y'all muhfuckas freeze! Take a seat on the floor
I'm approachin' the bank teller the bitch lockin' the drawer
Give me the codes to the safe and put yo hands to the sky
She shakin' because she know somebody 'bout to die
Now keep yo goddamn hands off the panic button
Put the cash in the bag 'fore I damage somethin'
If the bitch try to act confused, get slapped, matter fact
Play it back on the action news
Ooh, I'ma act a fool, act irrational, the guard reached
For a gun I had to blast the dude
Fuck it if you blast then I'm blastin' too
Blow his ass to smithereens
The glock'll tear his ass in two
Hey, real niggaz gon' do what they have to do
We got it all mapped out we just passin' through
Hey, here come the boys in blue,
And we came to wipe the bank clean, not enjoy the view

[Chorus: x2]
Nobody move, nobody get hurt
One false move put that ass in the dirt (ooh)
Don't make me act a fool
Real niggaz gon do what they have to do

Ooh don't make us act a fool
Real niggaz gon do what they have to do

You in there, this is the police, please come out with your hands up, and
Your weapons down, the building is surrounded there is no way out please
Make this easy on yourself and let the people go!! (Gun shots)

Gather all the workers put 'em in a circle (not me I got kids!)
Hah shut up for I murk you!
Don't make me hurt you! You motherfuckers just form a line
Be patient, in time I'ma search you
Damn and the whole block flooded with pigs, ya dig
Reload the clips, you know what it is
I've only shot four out the clip it's twelve more in this bitch
And stay low if I'm shootin' cause I'm aimin' to hit!
Fall out in broad day light, fuck police
Make that scene from Heat look like Sesame Street
Listen to me
Nah dawg listen to me, if bad get worse I'm goin' on a killin' spree, listen
Man you wild dawg, listen to me, I got a trick up my sleeve
Make my mission complete, check it, take the steps to the top of the ceiling
Got a chopper waitin' for us on the the of the building
My man, that's a plan let me grab the million
Let's hover above the city over top of civilians
Come on

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