Paroles Rose

Le - modifié le - Par .

If you wake up in the dead of night
To feel alone like a helpless child
Reach out for me I'll be close to you
I need to touch you, that's all I wanna do
And I fell a place of glory when I'm in your arms
Ooh, I love to love you darling
Don't care how many times
When you take me to your heaven
Then I know that you're mine

Ooh Rose, you're my Rose
More beautiful to me than any flower
You're my Rose
Everything that I desire
It started with a spark, now it's fire
In other words you mean everything to me
We both belong together
Say you'll be forever my Rose

I see the sun within your smile
So warm and tender lighting up the sky
Can't believe I'm sharing love with you
But I believe dreams come true
'cause you and I together we'll weather any storm
Ooh, when two hearts beat as one
And if the road is long
We'll travel it together
Oh, you'll be the only one


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