Paroles "Don't Give Up On Us" - Billy Paul

You walk on by
Clueless and so high
Following your aimless path away from us
You're so far away
And what can I say
Cause I can't be the one you wanted me to be

So tell me how do you feel
It's so confusing
If you let it all go, it'll fall apart
Do you want me to stay and say I still want you
You want me too, don't you?

So what are we saying
Our Eden's a failure
A made-up story to fit the picture-perfect world
The one with "I do"s
and I love you
And we are made for each other
Is forever over now?


I hope there's forgiveness
In the distance between us
Can we make what lies ahead of us a better place to be?


Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


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