Paroles Yazoo Street Scandal

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Stranded out in the night
Eliza took me down
To see the widow give
Rain to the town
It's against the law
To be a tonic man,
But the widow knows
She's got the upper hand
So I went on in
Feelin' kinda wheezy
You know she soothed my mind, boys
She rocked me kinda slow and easy
All day and all night

Pick a card before you go
It's a long trip to Mexico

Eliza wait by the door
I can't stay here anymore, no, no

Then she took a pill
She washed her feet in the mud
She said look out son
You know, I just ordered a flood
For forty days and forty nights

Then I dropped my shoes
Eliza called my name
She said it looked to her

Like it's gonna rain
Then the cotton king
Came in chokin'
And the widow laughed and said
I ain't jokin'
Take once for all
She said now don't ya tease me
I just fell in love, boy
So rock me kinda slow and kinda easy
All day and all night

Sweet William said
With a drunken head
if I had a boat
I'd help why'all float
Eliza stood there watching
William in a trance
As the widow did the St Vitus dance
But just then an old man
With a boat named breezy
Said you can ride with Clyde, boys
If you rock it kinda slow and easy
All day and all night

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