Paroles Muddy Mississippi Line

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Working on a barge down in New Orleans
Spending all my money on Cajun queens
Working from the morning till the end of day
And that's when I go out to play

Working on the Muddy Mississippi Line
They pay me ten dollars and I don't save a dime
But I always seem to make enough to see me through
And I'll bet you five dollars, I'm as happy as you

Working on the muddy Mississippi line
Working on the muddy Mississippi line

I've got a lot of friends down in New Orleans
Working on the docks, loading coffee beans
Hard working people who will lend you a hand
They'll help you anyway they can

My daddy was a Mississippi river man
My mama was a Cajun from the heart of the land
They taught me how to love the Mississippi mud
Now there's Mississippi water flowing in my blood


I love the Mississippi like it was my own
As long as I remember, it's been my home
I know it's kinda muddy but it sure looks fine
When you're riding on the muddy Mississippi line

[Chorus: x3]

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