Paroles "Point of No Return" - Bobby Womack

Point of no return
The sound becomes underground
And no matter how hard you try
You can`t shout
We`ve come back
Step back
Hold it inside
No we won`t take that
So stand up and fight
Hold unto what`s yours
And gimme what`s mine
Hold that sensation
To the last line
Last man standing
Be the first in commanding
I won`t be the first one landing

Point of no return - this is the
Point of no return - we`ve reached the
Point of no return - this is the
Point of no return - c`mon c`mon

Is it cool to say nothing
I don`t think so
So we`ll keep rocking
Party people in the house
Throw your hands in the air
And gimme somma some of that
Party atmosphere
Everybody knows
that it`s gonna get hot
Everybody knows
that we have got
More to give
'cause we don`t dance with the devil
We`re down with God
Call us rebels

I`ve gone too far
I can`t turn back, oh no

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