Paroles "Don't Let Me Down" - Bobby Womack

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Oh, oh, oh

Come baby, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Oh, oh, oh

Oh, every time I see your face
Love is all that matters to me
And every time when I touch your lips
Your love is my destiny
There will never be another you
Girl, I swear that is true
And I'll never say it again
Oh girl, can't you understand?

Don't let me down
Just take my heart
Can't let you go
Don't break apart
Sometimes I'm weak
Sometimes I'm strong
But it's my heart
Where I belong
Don't be afraid of love
Don't be afraid of me
Oh, I can't get enough
Of this sweet, sweet dream

Oh, when the night, comes falling down
There is one thing I have to know
If you are playing, tricks with me, girl
Oh, you better go
Where did you sleep, my girl, last night?
Oh, can you tell me?
And will you go, or will you stay?
Will you leave me in misery?

Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group


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