Paroles Serenity

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Where did you come from?
Where have you been?
All my life I’ve searched for something
Not knowing how
Or where to begin
Or to realize
That the moment lasts
The fear will pass
As we face our insecurities
It’s the race down to the water’s edge
Surrendering to gravity

Then I see your eyes that shine so bright
Illuminating through the night
It’s the fire of my serenity
The dawn of my tranquility…

Where did we come from
And where do we go?
Have I lost all sense of time
Building foundations
Designed to show
The spire climbs beyond
The tallest peaks
Your wildest dreams
A monument of purity
With my heart unbound
I won’t look down
Placing trust in what will be

It’s a strange precarious balance
The feeling like we’re falling in a dream
The will to let go
The need to know just what this means

Lyrics © Mr. Manfrenjensendon

Robert Dombrower, Robert Cotnoir