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Jackie Greene Hollywood Lyrics
She?s a dream, she?s a dream
Getting caught up in the scene
Like a used car bought off of Mr Vaseline
She?s a queen, she?s a queen
Getting? played like a machine
And all the men pretend that they respect her when they leave

There?s a man, there?s a man
At least I think that he?s a man
He?s struttin? down the street with a diamond on his hand
Here?s the band, hear the band
They?re the hottest in the land
Just keeping up their contract for whatever?s in demand

Socialite, socialite
Got a fancy appetite
And a hundred dollar habit that she goes to every night
But tonight, yes tonight
Tonight she?ll do it right
When they find her dead, she won?t be able to deny it

Sometimes I get so God Damned sick of these charades
This town is so opaque, I swear the bums are wearing shades
But I know that I?d be lying if I said it aint a thrill
Don?t say I didn?t warn you when the Devil brings the bill

Movie star, movie star in a tiny little car
Doing 90 on the 10 coming home from the bar
Big cigar, big cigar
And a smoking little car
He ran right off the road he didn?t make it very far

See the Freak, See The Freak
He?s the flavor of the week
The ratings all went up when they discovered he could speak
So let him speak, yes hear him speak
?his tone is so unique?
but by the time commercial hits, you know his fame has reached its peak

Now it doesn?t really matter what I do or what I say
There?s a millionaire buying every hour of the day
If you want to see some change you got to change it from the street
Change it with your hands, change it with your feet

Advertise, advertise
Slick and super size
Buy the car, find true love, and a dozen other lies
Surprise, oh surprise
Its what everybody buys
A fairytale fantasy, a demon in disguise

Molly would if she could
But she?s stuck in Nebraska
I had a truck and so I asked her where she longed to be
?I dunno, you tell me?.life looks better on TV?
I said, ?You might as well
Be living in a plastic factory!

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