Paroles Bigger Than Elvis

Le - Par .

Come, let's talk just you and me
For once just let me be.
The little boy you used to know.
Relive that summer's bliss.
Cause they came no more like this.
Those were the days,
The days when love was still in style.

All I ever dreamed I'd be
Is what you are to me.
Bigger than Elvis.
And for all the missing years,
A memory reappears.
Bigger than Elvis.

I saw you on TV.
The king, you were to me.
Could you feel me watching you?
At times my heart got mad,
Only heroes are allowed
To run free, that they could come back inside of me.


We know the sadness of goodbyes
Must be the one that's bringing tears to your child's eyes.

Oh, from now on I'll walk with you
Making music like you do.
Would you believe I always knew?

You were never hard to take
In some mysterious way
Bigger than Elvis
And for all the missing years
Your memory reappears
Bigger than Elvis.

Now I've found the missing years,
Forgotten all my tears.
I've found the missing years.

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