Paroles Open Up My Window

Le - Par .

I open up my window
Every night
And let your love come in
Open up my window

Every night that I'm away from you
This old bed seems way too big
And my dreams so small
Goin' through the motions
As I stare out from my room
I begin to realize
That we're sharin' the same moon
Lying here hugging my pillow in the dark

Dreaming of your comfort
Fighting the lonely in my heart
And I thought I felt you touch me
In that old familiar way
When the wind came through the curtains

And I heard it call your name
Send my love across the sky
Ooh, the time goes draggin' by
Maybe it's all that I can do
Baby until I'll be with you

I missed you girl, more than you'll ever know
I kept a little vigil by my window
Darlin' I did the same for you
Now no matter where we are
It's funny but it's true
We can wish upon that star


Christopher Geppert, Robert Meurer