Paroles Part Time Love

Le - modifié le - Par .

I need somebody
Who's consistent with me
Someone already there
When I need company
'Cause when I'm feelin low
I don't wanna have to go out lookin'
For a part time kind of love

And when the dreams and rainbows start to disappear
I don't want somebody up and runnin' out of here
'Cause when you stop and start
Baby it's a just too hard upon my heart
The part time kind of love

I can't take it now
Now listen here wait'n see
I want somebodys who's committed now to me
Somewhere (someday)
Someday, you've got to take a chance
And if you like the music, baby
Get up and dance

If we go together daring to dream
I know we're gonna find our share of peaches and cream
And when the juice is low
I don't wanna know no no no excuses
Just want your full time love for me
Just want your full time love for me

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, DAVID GATES D/B/A KIPAHULU MUSIC