Paroles What Car

Le - modifié le - Par .

My daddy had a 68 Camaro
When I was 16 he went out of town
There were car keys sitting on the pillow
Screaming out
"Come take a drive around"

From here to Linda's all the lights were yellow
Even though she said that we were through
When she saw me in my red Camaro
All she said was
"Let's see what she'll do"

What car?
What girl?
What tree?
What kerb?
What are you talking about?
I never left the house

What keys?
What crash?
How dare you ask!
The car is gone, move on

Daddy you better move one

Monday morning he was in the kitchen
Asking if I had a tale to tell
A certain red collectable was missing
Sorry daddy
That does not ring a bell

Was very late but I agreed to join him
At the scene of the alleged theft
But there's an emptiness you can't ignore
When a stain of oil is
All that you have left

Even if they found the wreckage
Even if they hauled me in
I was sticking to the same old story
Again and again and again and again

The years have gone
There's a mark on the tree
I never could tell him
That I took the key

The years have gone
But my daddy doesn't know
I was the one
Who bust his Camaro

Move on
The car is gone
Daddy move on
The car is gone

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