Paroles "River Stay 'Way from My Door" - Dave Brubeck

You're just a lonely little river,
But I have heard somebody say
That someday you may
Squeeze my home away.

So roll along you lonely river
And find your way to the sea,
I don't bother you,
Don't you bother me!

You keep goin' your way,
I'll keep goin' my way,
River, stay 'way from my door!

I just got a cabin,
You don't need a cabin,
River, stay 'way from my door!

Don't come up any higher,
I'm so all alone.
Leave my bed and my fire,
That's all I'll ever own!

I ain't breakin' your heart,
Don't start breakin' my heart,
River, stay 'way from my door!


Harry Woods, Mort Dixon

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