Paroles "Fascination (2007 Remastered Version)" - David Bowie

Got to use her
Every time I feel
I just can't stand still,
I've got to use her
Every time I think
Of what'cha pulled me through, dear
Fascination moves,
Sweeping near me
Still I take ya
[Fascination] fascination
[sho'nuff] fascination
[takes a part of me] takes a part of me
[Can a heart-beat] can a heart-beat
[live in a fever] live in a fever?
[raging inside of me?]
[Fascination] fascination
[oh, yeah,] oh yeah
[takes a part of me] takes a part of me
[I can't help it] I can't help it
[I've got to use her] got to use her
[every time, oow]
Fascination comes around
[Ahh, Oow-woo-oow]
[Fascination] Your soul is calling
Like when I'm walking
Seems that everywhere I turn
I hope you're waiting for me
I-I know that people think
That I'm a little crazy
Oww, better sex is fun
I think I like fascination
Still, tic

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