Paroles Black & White

Le - modifié le - Par .

Read all about it; tell me
Have you heard the news?
Captain Bob - he don't pay no dues
You know he's looking in my window
He's stepping on my toes
Don't want the truth, and it goes to show

I got a joker up my sleeve
I know what to believe
It ain't right just because
It's in black and white
Find yourself a hero
Treat him like a friend
You build him up and tear him down again

It don't hold a candle
Hold it to the light
Check it out
Is it wrong or right?
Is this the news of the world?
It's just a pretty girl
She's all the news that's fit to print in

Black and white
Inside information, taken down note by note
A silent footstep, that's all she wrote
Shit, that's all she wrote
No need to worry, the baby's gone to bed
Dreaming dirty dreams in black and white and red

Now I got nothing to fear
Is this the scoop of the year?
Headlines on my bathroom wall
In black and white

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