Paroles Hurry Home

Le - modifié le - Par .

I've been listening to the sounds of the night
Waiting for you to come around and hold me tight
I've been wanting you right here by my side

I don't care what you've gotta do
Just get here in a rush
Every part of me aches for you
It keeps getting stronger; I hunger, I long for you touch

Hurry home
I'm counting the minutes until you are in my arms
Hurry home as fast as you can, baby
I'll be here ready to hold you; don't take it slow
Won't ya hurry home to me?

I miss the way you laugh off the blues
The way you're there to listen when I need you to
And, baby, how I'm needing you now

I know that you'll be coming soon
It's taking way too long
I asked the man up in the moon
To send you to me instantly back to where you belong


And when you come back, when you walk through that door

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