Paroles Last Boat Leaving

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Hush my little one don`t cry so
You know your Daddy`s bound to go
They took his pride
They took his voice
Don`t upset him now, don`t make a noise
They said "You`re lucky son you've still got a choice"
Last boat leaving

Don`t waste your tears
It`s not as if I`m in chains
I don`t want to go now, it would be better for
You, too, if I don`t look back when we sail

Hush my dear, while I whisper it in your ear
We`re not going to sail tonight
We`re going to disappear
And it feels like a punishment, but I don`t know what for
Take care of your mother, son, it`s you that she adores
`Cos no matter how long we sail we`ll never reach the shore
Last boat leaving

So dry your tears
It`s not as if I`m in chains
When you go to school, son, you`ll read my story in history books
Only they won`t mention my name

So hush now, my darling, my sweet little one
I hope that you never have to do what I`ve done
Do you know what I've done?
Why I`m going away? On the last boat leaving this stinking town
It`s the last boat leaving, it`s the last boat leaving

You've had my innocence, you've had my heartbreak
You've taken the place where I once belonged
Now what more can you take?

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