Paroles Look Out, Broadway

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We never got discouraged, we never had a doubt
`Cos sooner or later talent must win out
Look out Broadway, we`re comin` fast
Now we`re gonna see our names in lights at last
No more hot dogs at Sloppy Joe`s
We`re gonna dine on steak and wine at Del Monaco`s
Rich or poor it`s great to have dough
That`s one thing we know
Lots of fun, lots of laughs
Signing cheques and contracts and autographs
We`re up for N-E-W why-O-are-K
Look out, look out Broadway
I want to see all the hustle and bustle
Maybe I can get a date with Lilian Russell
I want to go out with Diamond Jim
Yeh, if he gives you a diamond what will you give to him
Blow the trumpets and beat on the drum
Big time here we come
No more cheap hotels and one night stands
We`ll knock Tin Pan Alley flat on its pans
They`ll see that we`ve got class with a capital K
Look out, look out Broadway
Look out!