Paroles Cherry Red

Le - modifié le - Par .

Run here pretty mama
Get down on your daddy's knee
I want to tell everybody
How you've been sending me

Well if that's your little secret
You better keep it to yourself
'Cause if you tell me
I might tell somebody else

I ain't never loved
And I hope I never will
'Cause a lovin' proposition
Gonna get somebody killed

If you could take me pretty mama
Jump me in your big brass bed

I want you to, you can rock me baby
Till my face turns cherry red, cherry red

You got red, red big legs
That you build up from the ground

She's a tailor-made woman
Ain't none of those hand-me-downs

I said bye, bye-bye baby
Bye-bye, baby, bye
Bye-bye baby
Good bye-bye, bye-bye

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Joe Turner, Pete K. H. Johnson