Paroles I Got It

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Hey, baby
Hey boo, how you doin'?
I'm alright, how you doin'?
I'm straight, everything alright?
Umm, I guess

What you mean you guess?
Mmm nothin', just nothin'
Why you sayin' nothin' when it means something?
Umm, I umm, went to the doctor today

Okay, everything alright?
Umm, not really
You pregnant?
Everything straight then
No not really

Umm, I was told that, umm, I have HIV
You was told what?
I have HIV
So you mean you got something like HIV?
Umm, I have HIV
You mean to tell me that you have the HIV virus

It's just umm HIV right now
It's just HIV
I could eventually
You could eventually
I'ma have AIDS

So you got something that can kill me
Kill us both
I mean what was you thinkin'?
Wat was I thinkin'?
Yeah, what was you thinkin'?

I, I don't know I mean
It was both of us
And this is funny to you because
Umm, no but you know I'm just sayin' it was just you know
Just sayin'
It was both of us

Tss, you know what?
I mean we just gotta do what we gotta do
You know what I love you and we just gon' make it work
I love you too, boo

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