Paroles Hold Me (Album Version)

Le - modifié le - Par .

When the picture tells it all
There's no need for trying or pretending
You whip your suitcase in the hall
It's not a time for lying, no more crying
I gave her heart that I may never see, return to me

Hold me, like you used to do before
Let me wrap my arms around you baby
You told me that you'd never leave no more
So I wrap my life around you

Before the pleasure turns to shame
It's a time for leaving not deceiving
And, though a promise has been made,
I would never hold you from what you need to do
You keep the years but the moments I'll keep near forever dear.


I gave her heart that I may never see return to me


The passage of years
My song you might hear
In some caught-up and lonely cafe
And wonder could it ever be..
That good again?
Guess we'll never know (We'll never know)

[Chorus: x2]

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