Paroles 135th Street Blues (Blue Monday)

Le - Par .

Ladies and gentlemen!
Come with me to Mike's colored saloon
and there you will see a colored tragedy
enacted in operatic style
and like the white man's opera
the theme will be love! Hate! Passion! Jealousy.
In this little plot you may perceive a moral.
So I beg you follow well the story to its tragic end.
And it's all on account of a woman's intuition gone wrong.

I must admit although I don't like sunday
I have a fit when I go through blue monday
Monday's the oneday that my dice lose
They just refuse

That's when my tears are always bitter
I go through blue monday blues

Has one of you seen Joe my Joe
For I have a date with him here
It couldn't be have missed him
I am a little early for him
Maybe, has one of you seen Joe
I love him man my Joe

That's when a gal will pull a trigger,
A gal will pull a trigger
I got the Blue Monday Blues

I love but you my Joe, my Joe
I don't want a thing dear but you
But after all I'm only human
And I'm a mighty jealous woman
Honey, still just as long as you're true
I'll live for no one but you

I'm goin' to see my mother, mother mine!
Lord, how I've missed my mother, mother mine!
Maybe I'm a sentimental dreamer,
But my weary heart will cease to pine.
When in her arms I whisper.
I am home again, mother mine.