Paroles Good Intentions

Le - Par .

I asked my heart to talk to my mind
They said don?t worry, oh well you?re doin? fine
I went to the doctor, I said I?m misunderstood
He said ?Don?t worry, why your intentions are good

Now life is a hard school, when you?re living a lie
Tell me who?ll bring you water, when your well runs dry
Ah but there?s always tomorrow, you?ll do the things that you should
You?re just a sad eyed dreamer, but your intentions are good

I am a man who keeps his head down in the sand
If the spirit doesn?t move you what?s the use in making plans
I?ve been to the mountain, I?ve been out in the rain
I?m a long way from home but I can make it back again


Your intentions are good (yeah)
Your intentions are good (yeah)