Paroles "Showbiz" - Gilbert O'Sullivan

Well here we are and here we go
Up the hill and down the slope
Pardon me if I seem out of breath
Bus was late so I walked instead There's nobody quite like me
Isn't that Presumably
What it is they say you're looking for
Ballad singer with a guitar
Okay so guitar was the part I got wrong
The rest of me surely is what you want
Wait a minute who is this
He needs a psychiatrist
Either that or I do give me strength
(Would do If I knew the way it went)
You say you sing slow songs and fast numbers too
Do you know volare
(Is that her next to you)
I'm running round in circles
I'm getting so forlorn
Whatever so forlorn's supposed to mean
I'm sick of good intentions
Whatever their intent on being
Who's responsibility lies in sending him to me
Tell me and I'll tear them limb from limb
I said Matt Monro not Gunga Din
Our members will see him and eat him alive
No two ways about it
Or three or four or five
0ne day you'll see I'll he enormous
(Then here's a tip lay off your fookin
They'll say of me and my performance
It's was superb (don't make me laugh)
The best we've heard (you must he daft)
False modesty is not for me
The way to skin a rabbit the way to comb a hare
I know which one of those I'd rather heed
As I'm sure would the rabbit
Who only wants to live and breed
I write each and all my songs
Always have done all along
So if you want "My Way" I can do
Every song in my way just for you
Has it occurred to you that I might not be well
I've got a heart that needs a bypass I can tell
So here we are together then
You and me the best of friends
(Best of friends you must be off your head)
How about employer then instead
We have to work closely and mostly we do
We're at opposite ends of
An industry without any smoke
It's boiler being only fired by hope
It is Showbiz

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