Paroles So What

Le - Par .

Oh I was born and raised in Alabam
Well it sounds better than Leeds
Mama said the sooner you grow up
The sooner you can leave
And thus I came into existence
What else can I tell you
I could reminisce about the kiss
That really blew my mind
I could demonstrate how when I was eight
I celebrated nine
I could be young I might be old
I could be and if so
So what
Got my finger on the trigger
Whatever that's supposed to mean
Got my thumb caught in between the door
After which I screamed
It only hurts now when I suck it
What else can I tell you
Well its very sad to think you had
More money than good sense
Now you've lost it all your back to call
On me you're oldest friend
I'm not a man who minces words
And if that sounds absurd
So what
Even if it's likely to become the flavour of the year
Demonstrating for the right to work is work that is sincere
There ain't no pride in being idle
What else can I tell you
Well I've been described as looking like a nothing of a man
Had my work reviewed by critics who dismiss me out of hand
They say I'm middle of the road I say if that is so
So what

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