Paroles Got to Be That Way

Le - modifié le - Par .

Let me take you half way round the world
Better still out Into space
We may be drops upon the ocean
Something of 50 little importance
Yet in each other's arms, It can be so great
Seeing something start and then escalate
To such dizzy heights like of which I always knew
With you
Just got to be that way
If we'd only met the night before
If our paths had only crossed
How many times have people Said this
When in their hearts they never meant it
You're like a breath of Spring on a Winter's day
Like the moon in June in the month of May
Can't believe my ears when I say those words to you
But I do
Just got to be that way
If only moments that we treasure
Could last for now until forever
How can I put In words what I mean to say
Without it sounding so like an old cliche
What's wrong with that you ask
And the answer I conclude
With you
Just got to be that way

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