Paroles For What It's Worth

Le - modifié le - Par .

I feel so strange here on my own
She's out with her friends
While me I don't have one
Every time I have some
She would make them all disperse
Yet I love her with all of my hear
T For what it's worth
She said had I been more careful with her
We wouldn't have had to get married quite so quick
And she never wanted kids
Hates the thought of giving birth
Yet I worship the ground she walks upon
For what it's worth
I don't know what I can say
Perhaps it's just a passing phase
Nothing worse than being in love
With one who isn't
If I've hurt her I'll admit
I'll apologize for ITV
Even if what she says I did, I didn't
I give her the bulk of my weekly pay
She takes it without even thanking me one bit
And I've worked hard for it
So a thank you wouldn't hurt
Yet I love her with all of my heart
For what it's worth
I don't ask for very much
I'm not one to make a fuss
In fact the less said is for me
So much the better
Maybe I should be more strong
Tell her straight look.' what's going on
But if I do that, she might leave me altogether
Oh, I've been high up and I've been low
But lately the latter is so far out ahead
I wish I were dead
She treats me like I was dirt
Yet I love her with all my heart
For what it's worth

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