Paroles Mountains Of The Moon [Live at Fillmore East, February 11, 1969]

Le - Par .

Cold mountain water
The jade merchant's daughter
Mountains of the Moon, bow and bend to me
Hi ho the carrion crow
Folderol de riddle
Hi Ho the carrion crow
Bow and bend to me

Hey Tom Banjo
Hey a laurel
More than laurel
You may sow
More than laurel
You may sow

Hey the laurel
Hey the city
In the rain
Hey, hey,
Hey the white wheat
Waving in the wind

Twenty degrees of solitude
Twenty degrees in all
All the dancing kings & wives
Assembled in the hall
Lost is a long & lonely time
Fairy Sybil flying
All along the all along
The mountains of the Moon

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Jerome J. Garcia, Robert C. Hunter