Paroles Tons Of Steel

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I know these rails we're on like I know my lady's smile,
We see a dozen dreams in every passing mile.
Can't begin to count the trips she and I have made,
But I wish I had a dollar for each time we've both been down this grade.

And a hundred thousand tons of steel, made to roll.
The brakes don't work and this grade's too steep, her engine's sure to blow.
And a hundred thousand tons of steel, out of control,
She's more a roller coaster than the train I used to know.

It's one hell of an understatement, to say she can't be beat.
She's temperamental, more a bitch than a machine.
She wasn't built to travel at speed or through mud slides.
These wheels are bound to jump the tracks before they burn like the ties


Murphy sure out done himself to pick this stretch of track
I can only hope my luck is ridin' in the back.
Well I have pray to god this ain't the day we meet,
I've done about everything, but try dragging my feet.


Oh, oh I want to go down slow.

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