Paroles Forever For You

Le - modifié le - Par .

Does anyone know
What love can cost
To take you so high
Then leave you lost
Is it a mystery
That runs too deep
For such a simple heart

Can anyone stop
The hands of time
And put back the loving
In your eyes
Though it's his name I hear
When you are sleeping
I'll pretend it's mine

When they ask me how long
I'm gonna love you
If the road to my heart
Will always stay true
I'll say forever (Yeah)
I'll say forever for you
When they ask will I stand
Right there beside you
And they don't see you and me
The way that I do
I'll say forever
I'll say forever for you

A rose is rose
By any name
But a thorn will still cut
You just the same
I'm losing your love I know
So sad the feeling
I can tell
Somebody's stealing
Stealin' away your heart


I don't know if I should tell you
How you live in my heart
There's no room for another
If you leave me now
My heart would not recover



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