Paroles Heartbreak Time

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The only consolation in this situation
Is I know you're missing me
The way I'm missing you
I guess that you ain't sleeping and the company you're keeping
They're all gonna offer you
Words of comfort too

Time will heal it, that's what they say
But I can't help but wish tomorrow was today

I been doing heartbreak time
And there's no two ways about it
When you're in you just can't doubt it
Doing heartbreak time
I been doing heartbreak time
And though I keep believing
It's my heart that I'm deceiving
Doing heartbreak time

Maybe I'm just pretending but I see a happy ending
Well I guess that's just like me
A fool in love you see
I can still recall the day, you said that you'd be mine to stay
Words that meant so much
Oh I miss your touch

When you'd call me I'd know what you'd want to say
I can't help it, I wish it was yesterday


And though we may be parted
You still hold the key to my heart
And I'm locked away

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