Paroles Morning Song

Le - modifié le - Par .

One, two, three

Sun comes up through the window in the morning
The flowers say hello
I pour cold milk on hot oatmeal
Steam goes up my nose
Toaster bings
Microwave sings
Could I have another
Cup of java, honey, baby, darling, sugar lumps?
Ah, honey, baby, darling, sugar bumps?
Shower feels nice and warm
On my little bitty tootsies
The shower makes me sing just like Ritchie Valens
Oh, could you, could you, could you, join me?
Hand me that towel, stop playing around
What are you doing there on the ground?
Barking like an Afghanistan lap dog
At the race track, come towards me, baby
Good morning, America
Good evening, Siberia
Is that a fax coming in?
From Reykjavik, Iceland, ah-ooh
Must be cold
And I see the ocean out there
It must be cold
Let's crawl back in bed
Let's crawl back in bed
Let's crawl back in bed

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