Paroles Florentine

Le - modifié le - Par .

Florentine she's been
around the world and back again
A heart as light as wings
made of sky, made of wind and things
She keeps things you don't know
She shows things you don't show
She never wants to see you alone

Something in her smile
tells you she will stay awhile
Something in her style
shines and sets the sun on fire
Every time she's near
is like music to your ears
before you rise she waits
inside your eyes

If she were to say those words
would you understand
Wouldn't it be easier
to let her take your hand
Love's the song I sing
Song to Florentine

Florentine she leaves
a trail of misty make-believe
You know she holds the key
and you follow her to mysteries
There's hidden things inside
she leaves for you to find
To unlock the road you must
say please

Love's the song I sing
Song to Florentine
Love, love must be the song
Song to Florentine

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