Paroles Timeless Love

Le - modifié le - Par .

Though we'll never live this moment again
The clock is ticking away in vain
Time itself has chased us down
But we've tricked it at it's own game
Nothing to keep me from you

I don't have to see you everyday
Only fools put chains on love
And if I had to live life through
Alone and without you
It wouldn't change a thing

Timeless love, ageless us
There's no end, always was
A timeless love, heaven born
Ancient vows, never to be torn

There is no tomorrow in my heart
Only dreamers believe in time
So let's leave no regrets behind
I'll give it all when I'm with you

There's no sadness when you see my eyes
There's no distance when I let you go
Cause I know a timeless love, on this rock take me now
And make a lovebird of the coo-coo in the clock

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