Paroles Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)

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Have you ever been?
Have you ever been, to Electric Ladyland?

The magic carpet waits for you
So don't you be late

I want to show you
Different emotions
I want to learn you
The sounds and motions

Electric women waits for you and me
So it's time we take a ride

we can cast all of your hang-ups over the seaside
While we fly right over the love filled sea
Look up ahead, I see the loveland, soon you'll understand

Make love, make love, make love, make love

(I wanna show you)
The angels will spread their wings, spread their wings
(I wanna show you)
Good and evil lay side by side while electric love penetrates the sky
(I wanna show you)
Lord, Lord I wanna show you
(I wanna show you)
Hmm, hmmm, hmmm
(I wanna show you)
Show you
(I wanna show you)

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