Paroles Izabella

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Hey Izabella
Girl, I'm holding you in my dreams every night
Yeah, but you know good well baby,
You know we got this war to fight
Well, I'm calling you under fire
Well, I hope you're receiving me all right

Hey, Izabella
Girl, I'm fightin' this war for the children and you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby
All this blood is for the world of you
All your love
So I hope you save your love, baby
Then I know the fightin' is true, hey

Hey, Izabella
It' on the rays of the rising sun, here they come
Well I got to back out there and fight now baby
I can't quit til the devil's on the run
On the run baby
So keep those dream comin' in strong
Soon I'll be holding you instead of this machine gun

Hey, Izabellad
Ahh, sweet lover
Spill all my blood for you,
Love me baby, hey

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