Paroles Caleb Meyer

Le - Par .

Caleb Meyer he lived alone
In them hollering pines
And he made a little whiskey for himself
Said it helped to pass the time
Long one evening in back of my house
Caleb called around
And he called my name â??til I went out
With no one else around

Caleb Meyer your ghost is gonna wear them rattling chains
But when I go to sleep at night don't you call my name

"Where's your husband Nellie Cane
Where's your darling gone?
Did he go on down the mountain side
And leave you all alone?"
"Yes my husband's gone to bowling green
To do some business there"
Then Caleb threw that bottle down
And he grabbed me by my hair


He threw me in the needle bed
Across my dress he lay
Then he pined my hands above my head
And I commenced to pray
I cried my God I am your child
Send your angels down
Then feeling with my finger tips
The bottle neck I found
In drew that glass across his neck
Fine as any blade
Then I felt his blood pour fast an hot
Around me where I laid

[Chorus: x2]

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