Paroles My Cowboy's Last Ride

Le - Par .

The cowboy's lady is cryin' tonight cause the cowboy is out on the range
Runnin' and ramblin' and chasin' some stray and good cowboys don't ever change
I tried to hold him in the home corral but the grasses were greener outside
So I'm gonna sit here in front of this door
And I've loaded up my cowboy's fourty-four
When the smoke clears there'll be a new brand on his eyes
This is my cowboy's last ride
Oh I hate to see him go but I won't be stayin' home cryin'
I hate to watch him die but this is my cowboy's last ride

Cowboy remembers the old trails we rode and he's back in the saddle tonight
This time I'm lettin' the homefires burn out and I'm leavin' when I blow out his light
Cause I still remember good waterin' holes and the places that are open and wide
And I have decied he won't put me down a filly should be free for horsin' around
And I will no longer be hobbled and tied this is my cowboy's last ride
Oh I hate to see him go
This is my cowboy's last ride

So long Cowgirl

Please don't turn me in

I never saw you
Man I wish I hadn't seen her

That's two of us you know Calilou was a little crazy


Calilou she wasn't dead crazy
She might kill a man with lovin' but she would never do it with a gun

Calilou is that your California woman's name

Yeah but I'm not sure she's in California for sure you know
She may be in Louisiana by now

Louisiana aha

Yeah that's where the Lou in her name came from
Her folks had a really cute idea when she was born
That since her daddy came from California and her mama from Louisiana
They'd put both their names together and hang it on each other

Hahaha it's a good thing
If they didn't put California first she could've been named Local

Come on man

Or if they came from Mississippi and Illinois she could be called Missle

You're lightenin' up a little bit on me now
You know it really wasn't far from here
That I saw her the first time about three years ago
And she was hitchhikin' just like that cowgirl


You've been to Louisiana

Yeah I've been in Shreveport

Let's pull over here a minute

Why what't the matter

Well I'm just not really sure if I really want to go back to California

Hey listen I don't care Fisherman I told you in Indiana that I'm just ramblin'
One place is good as another with me

You wouldn't mind then if we sorta turned around and headed towards New Orleans

Makes no difference to me if I find somebody like the lady
Or at least get the lady off of my mind one place is good as another for me
Man I saw her face in the clouds over the Rockies
I smelled her expensive perfume in that cheap bar in Denver
And I saw her face on the street in Des Moines Omaha
Till I stop seein' that face I'm ready to ramble

Let's nake a U-turn and head back

We may be thumbin' ourselves pretty soon less you get more money than I have

Who cares man she may be thumbin' too