Paroles Close To The Edge

Le - modifié le - Par .

I was into
Like a sudden fix from a bowl of sugar, to you
And all that you were standing for,
Yeah, you knew

I was so caught up that I could barely move,
To stop you,
From having everything and more

Do you pick me up
To put me under
Break me in
So you can choose your ways to put me back again?

You can leave a hole like a nail in my head
You can leave me turned into nothing instead
You can leave me close to the edge
You won't ever hear me hit the ground

Are you into
Have you given up, have we gone to far?
Do you wander, or are you staying where we are?
I abhor you
Yet all the while still I adore knowing you
And all that might have been before

Do I say too much, to take you over?
Break me in
So I can choose my ways to put me back again


'Cause I'm floored but not broken,
And I'm scarred but I'll heal
Yeah I'm blissfully tortured, naked and real
And I'm stung and I'm sorry,

But I'm calm now and clear
Like the sky hanging over,
Like the scratch on my shoulder,
That I no longer feel, feel

I was in too, too close to the edge, too close to the edge


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