Paroles Apercu

Le - modifié le - Par .

The mist of time is still concealing
The vision that I seek
Those who died have all borne witness
If only they would speak

Now and then we've all been given
A glimpse of bygone days
I'd give all to see it clearly
Not shrouded in the haze
Yet I saw it all inside me, for a moment
Were you with me?
Have we done it all before,
Is there really so much more?

Each man has a memory
Much more than the eye can see
Yet still others linger deep inside you
Haunting thoughts of pain and joy divide you
Look beyond your eyes
At the dark and moody skies
For they're standing in your way
And I feel the light of day

Now the earth gives forth its secrets
Held in mountain, sea and plain
They have never been forgotten
Only locked inside my brain
While I slept I had a vision,
I remember, you were with me
We have done it all before,
In our minds behind the door

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