Paroles I Don't Want To Hate You Anymore

Le - modifié le - Par .

I go to bed by midnight
I wake up again at 4:00
I read a while
Then try to sleep some more
But by 6:00 AM I'm gone again
Lost in the logic of despair
Cause you just can't reason with someone
Who ain't even there
I been right about the reasons
This bein' right is getting nowhere
And it's time for movin' on

I'm letting go of the anger
I been holding in my heart
I'm letting go of the bitterness
That's tearin' me apart
It's time to give us both the forgiveness
I couldn't give before
I don't want to hate you anymore

I loved you for your honesty
Now I hate you for your lies
Still I just don't see the wisdom in goodbye
So I'll put my fears in a letter of tears
I guess I never intended to send
The future's hard to believe in if I can't even see the end
There are no easy answers
It's just a fact of life
You know somebody's always leavin'
Somebody's always left behind


One by one and day by day I'm getting' stronger
It ain't about you any longer
It's about tryin' to save my soul

I don't want to hate you anymore
Argue or debate you
I don't want to hate you anymore

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