Paroles You're My Love

Le - Par .

You wanna know if I care for you
You ought to know by now
How can you stand there just pretending
And you know how I feel.

Â'cause baby youÂ're my love
And I love everything you do to me
YouÂ're my love
And I love when youÂ're around
YouÂ're my love
And IÂ've never let you down.

You wanna know what I see you
I can really say it for sure
All I know is I need you
More than IÂ've ever needed
Anyone else before.

Â'cause baby youÂ're my love ....

seasons changing faster than they do
And we be gone
ItÂ's funny but we didnÂ't seem to care
The only thing we cared about
Was keeping you out, our strong
As long as youÂ're there
IÂ'll always care.

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Prince Rogers Nelson